Doria Ragland is an ‘adoring mother and grandmother’ – she ‘is there to support Meghan’

“Like Kate she uses subtly deferential lowering signals when she’s in royal company, adopting her daughter’s signature pose of the hands held clasped in front of the lower torso (holding a clutch bag) and standing slightly back to subtly lower her own status signals when she was around the late Queen.

“Even walking with her husband, Carole appears to adopt a similar look of shyness with the hands held in a barrier ritual despite the more carefree-looking smile.

“Doria Ragland’s body language in the UK was much calmer and more confident, albeit quietly confident. Doria seems to have a natural charisma. Her hand clasp is higher, held slightly above waist height, and combining it with the pashmina worn round her shoulders gives a look of elegance with no signals of status-lowering or self-diminishing traits.

“Doria looks like a proud mother might at any wedding as she stands holding Charles’ arm and smiling happily. When the baby was being introduced to the late Queen, Doria leaned in naturally too, to see little Archie.

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