Death’s Gambit Mega Guide -All Boss Fights, Tome Locations, Cheats And All Classes

IDeath’s Gambit, you play as Death’s representative called Sorun and you’re sent on a goal to Siradon to explain a souls of a undead. As we competence have guessed from a game’s aesthetic, this is a diversion that is going to be utterly formidable though it also facilities a low fight complement to master over time. There will also be a lot of platforming elements in a game, and if we need assistance with anything during all associated to a game, this beam is here to assistance we out.

If you’re ready, afterwards let’s get started!


There are utterly a lot of bosses in this game, and given how severe a diversion is even otherwise, we can suppose only how severe some of these bosses can be. You can find subsequent a whole list of bosses that we can find a in a game.

  • Owlking
  • Soul of a Phoenix
  • Tundra Lord Kaern
  • The Bulwark of Aldwynn
  • Forgotten Gaian and Ione
  • Dark Knight
  • Origa
  • Cusith
  • Bysurge
  • Eldritch Inquisitor
  • Galaxy Mage Amulvaro
  • Soul of a Phoenix Heroic Rematch
  • Endless Final Boss

You can check out a video subsequent to see how to better any of a bosses in a diversion and also to see what a finale of a diversion is like.


In this  game, classes aren’t unequivocally offset and some are clearly some-more absolute than others if played right. What classes impact in a diversion is a additional talent that determines how essence appetite is gained . Some classes also get singular abilities that also make a difference. You can check out subsequent a full list of classes and how accurately any of them work.


 The Assassin is a decent starting category for those of we who wish to get those quick attacks in. The Assassin gains essence appetite by dodging  rivalry attacks.


The Sentinel gains essence appetite by parrying attacks, so if you’re assured of removing those parries, afterwards this is a category for you! This category has a really useful singular ability  that is that it allows we to wear apparatus during half a compulsory stats that means that we won’t have to turn adult certain stats that we competence have had to otherwise.


The Soldier is utterly a offset category and while it is positively viable, it won’t let we ambience a appetite that we competence with some of a more  absolute classes. The Solider is means to acquire essence appetite by restraint attacks.

Blood Knight

The Blood Knight is substantially a many assertive class. This is given he gains essence appetite by holding repairs and his singular ability that allows him to recover health when he deals repairs quickly. Both of these abilities synergize good and concede him to take repairs while also traffic it.


The Wizard gains essence appetite by healing. One thing we would wish to do as shortly as we start off with a category is get a crawl instead of a sword given a Wizard isn’t really durable fighting adult tighten and personal. The Wizard’s talent can be a bit  of a waste as good given to  open chests, you’ve got to equivocate healing, so keep that in mind before picking this class.

Acolyte Of Death

The Acolyte of Death’s singular ability is that he can revive damaged save points, though this is not utterly useful. The best partial about this category is that it gains essence appetite by removing kills that means that we will never run brief of essence appetite in a game. This creates a Acolyte one of a strongest classes in a game.


The Noble gains essence appetite on regulating items, so make certain we keep regulating them. With that said, this category isn’t utterly clever as compared to a other classes in a game.


There are a series of Tomes to collect in a diversion and these extend we some bonuses that can make fights opposite bosses rather easier. You can find subsequent a full list of Tomes we can find along with their locations.

Tome On The Kaern: This Tome grants we 5% reward repairs opposite Tundra Lord Kaern. To  find this Tome, we initial have to get to Oblivion Vale and go left to a entrance. Keep going left and afterwards we will come opposite a hill. Go down a mountain and we will find a cavern that we should enter. Once we enter a cave, we will see some traps and a rest area. The traps approximate a wooden platform, so go down that platform  and we will be means to find a Tome.

Tome On The Eldritch Council: This will extend we 5% reward repairs opposite a Eldritch Council. You will be means to find this by going to a Journey’s End area. The Ivory Key is compulsory for this and once we have it, go past a sealed doorway that we can find tighten to a rotating platforms and we will be means to find a Tome inside.

Tome On The Bulwark: This grants we 5% reward repairs opposite The Bulwark Of Aldwynn. To find this Tome, conduct to a Central Sanctuary and we will be means to see dual ladders, one going adult and a other going down nearby a gates of Aldwynn. You will initial have to go adult a ladder and lift a push to be means to use a ladder going down. Once you’ve finished this, go down and afterwards keep going left until we strech a new area. Continue on your trail towards a left until we strech nonetheless another area and you  can find a Tome in this area.

Tome On The Dark Knight: This grants 5% reward repairs opposite a Dark Knight. To find a Tome, get to a opening of Darkness and go by a initial hallway. Next, go down a ladder and there will be a corridor underneath a opening hallway, though it won’t be visible. Just go down a ladder and conduct to equivocate a poison gas to find a Tome.

Tome On Amulvaro: This grants 5% reward repairs opposite Galaxy Mage Amulvaro. In Amulvaro’s Observatory, go into a subsequent building from a rest area and afterwards stand adult a floor. Once there, only go approach to a left of a building and we will be means to find a Tome on a ledge.

Tome On The Phoenix: This grants 5% reward repairs opposite a Soul of a Phoenix. In a area nearby this boss’ room there will be a building and an rivalry with a kite defense will be fortifying it. Just better this rivalry and go on towards a finish of a corridor inside a building and we will be means to find a Tome there.

Tome On Bysurge: This grants 5% reward repairs opposite Bysurge a Lightning Lurker. In Garde Tum we will come opposite theelevator with a nonplus with 4 switches. Just go down a conveyor and afterwards keep going towards a left and we will shortly see a Tome.

Tome On Origa: This grants 5% repairs opposite Origa. Just before we enter a city with lots of houses, there will be pathway going down from nearby a entrance. Just go down this trail to find a Tome.


Note: Please use a following cheats during your possess discretion. Using cheats online or offline might lead to an evident ban. GamingBolt or a staff members are not obliged for any problems outset due to their use.

Since this is utterly a severe game, some of we might wish to only play it by your possess rules. You can do so by creation use of cheats and lie codes to benefit bonuses like gigantic essence appetite and gigantic ammo.

To capacitate cheats, we will initial have to get a cheats from this site ( Once we get a cheats, we can capacitate some of a following cheats among others:

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Soul Energy
  • Max Stamina On Leveling  Up
  • Max Health On Leveling Up