DEAL OF THE DAY: M&S shoppers praise Oodie dupe that’s £32 cheaper and keeps heating off

With the cost of living crisis in effect, Brits are looking to stay warm this winter without switching the heating on. Money Saving Expert fans praised Australian brand Oodie for keeping them warm with its wearable blankets and now M&S has launched a dupe for far less money.

Earlier this year, Martin Lewis recommended on Money Saving Expert that investing in a wearable blanket is a wise way to save money on increasing energy bills.

This saw Brits flock to buy Oodie, an Australian brand that’s known for its wearable hoodies that are soft and cosy.

Now, M&S has launched a dupe for the viral Oodie hoodie but for a whopping 50 percent cheaper than Oodie’s, which are priced at £64.

Available online now, the M&S Oversized Fleece Hoodie is only £32 and has been praised by shoppers for keeping them warm without having to use central heating.

The Oversized Fleece Hoodie is essentially a large hoodie that falls to a knee length and is made from recycled polyester so that is soft and warm, like snuggling in a blanket.

Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Design at M&S said: “Our oversized fleece hoodie is a great new addition to the M&S dressing gowns range and is incredibly soft, warm and cosy. There is one for all the family too, which makes nights spent together at home extra cosy!” 

Research from M&S showed that 34 percent of Brits own a dressing gown and 31 percent buy a new one every year.

The perfect attire to wear on Christmas morning, it’s also a great gift for kids as its perfect for relaxing on the sofa.

M&S shoppers absolutely love it and have been buying it to gift themselves or family.

But hurry – the hoodie is selling out fast online.

Cardinal Twanky commented: “Length is down to my ankles as I am five foot. Lovely for evenings by the telly. Should also keep my heating bill down.”

Sal Pbody agreed: “Thought it was too thin when it arrived but since then have worn it loads around the house and heating is still not on. It is very soft and even softer after washing. Love it.”

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