Deadpool and Wolverine reviews embargo announced ‘Marvel want to avoid spoilers’ | Films | Entertainment

Deadpool and Wolverine is the most hyped MCU movie since Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

After some lacklustre entries in the Marvel franchise in recent years, fans are excited for rumoured cameos and spoilers aplenty.

Set to hit UK cinemas on July 25 and US movie theatres on July 26, the social media and review embargo have now been announced.

According to Collider: “The Deadpool and Wolverine social embargo lifts 7/22 at 7pm PT [after the New York City world premiere.] The review embargo will lift on 7/23 at 3pm PT.”

For UK fans, both embargos are on Tuesday July 23. At 3am BST for social media first reactions and at 11pm BST for reviews.

The outlet added: “Marvel Studios is trying to keep spoilers offline as long as they can. Heard the movie is [two thumbs up emojis].”

Deadpool and Wolverine follows Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Malc being arrested by the Time Variance Authority from the MCU.

He then teams up with Hugh Jackman’s Logan variant on what appears to be an adventure to save the multiverse.

Much like Avengers Endgame it looks like very little of the movie is shown in the trailer to protect spoilers. How exciting!

Deadpool and Wolverine hits UK cinemas on July 25, 2024.

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