DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc May Be Coming To Steam


The glorious PlayStation Vita disdainful visible novel, DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, might be entrance to PC soon, as a central Spike Chunsoft comment is teasing a Steam recover for a game. Given a implausible increasing support Steam has seen in a final few years when it comes to Japanese games, and generally visible novels, this seems to be a flattering good move, on a whole.

DanganRonpa is excellent- it’s a story with an outlandish premise, and characters who can come off as caricatures, though with distant some-more to it than these initial impressions might suggest. It pulls a actor in with some implausible atmosphere, and a grounds for storytelling that is irresistible. It’s basically Persona meets Ace Attorney meets Zero Escape– and it is each bit as good as that outline creates it sound.

Hopefully, a recover of this one is followed adult by a launch of a (infinitely superior) sequel, too. DanganRonpa 2 is in each approach an implausible sequel, that also manages to repair a whole lot of problems that exist with a initial game’s narrative, and PC players would be blank out if they didn’t get that one, too.