Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Lots of Detailed Interior Environments, According to CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED have been articulate a good understanding about their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 in new weeks, and that’s usually turn truer given a recover of a vast 50 notation prolonged gameplay demo. Last week, for instance, we schooled that a diversion wouldn’t have a complement for messenger characters and would concede players to squeeze properties (read some-more on that here).

This week, we have even some-more new info. A lot’s been pronounced about Cyberpunk 2077’s setting of Night City, and how CDPR are going to try and make it a truly vital and respirating environment. A vast partial of that, of course, is interiors. As any fan of the Grand Theft Auto games would tell you, seared (or even non-existent) interior environments can put a outrageous hole in an differently impossibly minute and expanded open world.

That’s apparently not going to be an emanate in Cyberpunk 2077. A Reddit user brought adult a subject of explorable interior environments in a approach summary to a game’s central Facebook page (you can perspective a screenshot next as well), and got a response that reliable that Night City would have mixed multi-storeyed buildings, many of that would be explorable, and that activities would change opposite opposite floors of buildings as well.

That’s positively means for excitement. As simple as it would sound, open universe games frequency compensate as most courtesy to interior environments as they do to a incomparable universe in general, and while that’s understandable, we consider we are removing to a indicate when that’s something games should try more. Cyberpunk 2077’s dense, impossibly satisfied Night City (or so it seems so far) is roughly a ideal fit for that arrange of thing.

Cyberpunk 2077 is due out on a PS4, Xbox One, and PC, though a recover date has not nonetheless been announced.

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