Camilla could make simple change to her appearance or risk looking ‘unkempt and aged’

Queen Camilla looks wonderful in her 70s and expertly maintains a youthful look. How does she keep her hair so healthy, according to an expert, and what could she do to up her game? spoke exclusively to Hair Expert Nicole Petty at Milk + Blush about the Queen Consort.

Hair Expert Nicole praised Camilla’s signature hairstyle – a creamy feathered bob flicking outwards – which has almost become part of her royal uniform in recent years.

She previously boasted a slightly curlier style with not as many highlights.

Nicole stated: “After years of the same hairstyle, the new Queen Consort Camilla debuted a new look with an ‘angled-bob’ and face-framing features that added texture and volume, as well as buttery blonde highlights.

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But is there anything Camilla could do to improve her already lovely locks?

The expert suggested: “While the new look has certainly rejuvenated the royal’s look, it’s important that she takes care of her hair to maintain its shiny glow.

“As grey hair is naturally coarser and drier than pigmented hair, it can look unkempt and aged if you don’t take care of it. 

“The Queen Consort can also incorporate more moisturising products, such as oils and hair masks into her routine.”


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Camilla is often spotted wearing a large hat to accessorise her outfits, which draws a lot of attention to her hair.

The flicked out style of her hair usually allows her to wear a pair of clip-on earring, as the royal famously refuses to get her ears pierced.

Nicole Petty is a hair expert at Milk + Blush.

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