Calls made for those implicated in wrongdoing at the SSA to be punished

Civil society groups that
were outspoken against the Jacob Zuma-led government appear not surprised that
they were spied on by the State Security Agency.A damning high-level review panel
report on the SSA revealed there was “active monitoring” of the organisations Right2Know, Save South
Africa, Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac),
Green Peace and South Africa First.”Obviously, we’re concerned about the clear breach of legislative mandate by SSA but it is not
surprising given we were confronting the Zuma-led government. We hope
appropriate action will be taken against those responsible,” said Casac executive director Lawson Naidoo.¬†Also read: Spy Wars: Report reveals how Zuma’s man at SSA helped build parallel networkFounder of
Save South Africa Sipho Pityana was also not shocked.”These revelations confirm
what we always suspected, that instead of focusing on real threats to the
nation’s security, the former president’s spies were trying to destabilise legal, law-abiding organisations which respected the Constitution,
were totally legitimate and had South Africa’s interests at heart,” he
said.”Special Operations was
essentially a rogue intelligence unit that was trying to prop up Zuma at a time
when there was a growing societal and political realisation
that he himself was the greatest threat to our sovereignty because of his
nefarious relationships with the Gupta family and the state capture
project.”Pityana said they were
“conscious at the time of attempts to subvert our activities, whether it
was physical attacks on our members, the intimidation of some of the campaign
leaders, or attempts to subvert our gatherings,” he said. “Now we know
who was behind it.”He furthered urged for the law to
take its course and for the urgent processing of the findings into criminal
dockets “starting with Zuma and extending to all political and administrative leaders who are implicated in
the panel’s report”.”The Special Operations
agents have been found by a Presidential panel to have committed illegal
activities. They must be identified so that they can be pursued through the
courts. They should not enjoy any privilege, protection or anonymity. We have a
right to know who the spies are as well as their handlers,” Pityana said.Also read: Spy Wars: How Jacob Zuma established his own network of spooksMeanwhile, the Democratic
Alliance (DA) has called for the “immediate suspension from public
services of all those implicated”.”Criminal charges must also
be laid with the SAPS to finally bring to book those who have looted the SSA
for the nefarious ends of ex-president Jacob Zuma, the Gupta’s and their
corrupt cronies.”
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