British Gas customers could save ‘up to £100’ this winter – over 100,000 Britons eligible | Personal Finance | Finance

The UK’s largest energy provider has announced a new scheme as part of the National Grid’s ESO service. The ‘Peak Save’ trial will test the potential for reducing demand on the Grid during specific times of day.

It will ask households to reduce their usage during ‘turn-down’ events by the National Grid.

British Gas is to set customers a 30 percent reduction target per household to aim for, under the scheme.

Customers can expect to be contacted via text no later than 6pm the day before an event.

They will then need to opt into an event no later than 12am in order to qualify.

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Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica, parent company of British Gas said, “The electricity grid is facing increased pressure and smart technology plays a key role in managing peak demand – reducing consumption has the added benefit of helping consumers save on their energy bills. 

“We are exploring how to make this scheme work best for our customers so that it fits in with their habits around the home. 

“This approach to help manage residential electricity demand is likely to become a major feature of the market in years to come. 

“We’ll be taking learnings from this stage with the aim of using our scale to roll out to our wider customer base.

“We are committed to helping improve energy security in the UK and shifting demand is one part of that strategy. 

“This year we have also reopened our rough storage facility to store up to 30 billion cubic feet of gas for UK homes and businesses over this winter, boosting the UK’s energy resilience. 

“In addition, our new gas supply agreement will see Equinor deliver to Centrica sufficient gas over the coming three winters to heat an additional 4.5 million homes.”

The scheme has been enabled by the demand flexibility service launched by the National Grid this winter.

All UK energy suppliers have been offered the option to financially reward customers who reduce their electricity usage during times of peak demand.

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