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Retirement brings new opportunities, and for some, moving to a new place will be the ultimate goal for their later life experiences. Unbiased has compiled a list of some of the top locations across the country for retirees.

Topping the list of the best places to retire is Suffolk, in the east of England, as it is said to offer the perfect chance for a slower pace of life.

Suffolk has been described as “ideal” for those looking for a retirement which is quiet, but not dull.

Essex comes in a close second, due to its close connections to London.

However, its proximity does not come cheap, and retirees can expect to pay an average of £500,000 for a detached home.

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Sussex is also valued as a top destination as it is close to London, but also boasts open scenery and green spaces.

Retiring by the coast is often a dream for many, and Brighton could be the perfect place to do so.

While there is a chance to enjoy coastal walks, pebbled beaches, and ice-cream, Brighton is also bustling with vibrancy and culture, making it a popular choice.

Those looking for a coastal feel could opt for three other choices on the list: Dorset, Devon or Plymouth.

The southwest of England can often boast amazing weather in the summer, and the coastal views are second to none. While prices can vary in these regions, each option remains very enticing to retirees each year.

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For those looking for an active retirement in the great outdoors, the Lake District may be the perfect place.

It offers the chance for older Britons to secure a fun retirement with swimming, walking, climbing, kayaking and sailing all available.

For those hoping for a countryside retirement, the Yorkshire Dales or North York Moors might be a perfect choice.

With rolling hills, tiny villages, and picturesque landscapes, it offers the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If retirees are looking for the best of both city and country living, it is difficult to go wrong with either York or Bath.

High on the list of the best places to retire, both locations offer a pretty city with historic streets, and opportunities to explore.

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Meanwhile, Pembrokeshire is a coastal retiree hotspot, popular each year with beautiful scenery and cheaper house prices.

In the north of England, there are also various retirement choices for those looking to take the plunge.

Durham is home to many historic sites and is well-known for its Norman cathedral and 11th-century castle.

Unbiased also states the city provides more for a person’s money with average house prices under £200,000.

The Peak District is also competitive, nestled between Sheffield and Manchester, and offering retirees the chance at a quieter lifestyle.

However, it can also be a haven for those who need to get to the city to see family.

Finally, Lancaster offers relatively cheap house prices, with amenities in the historic city, and fast connections to both Liverpool and Manchester.

Karen Barrett, CEO at unbiased, told “There’s plenty to consider when choosing your ideal retirement location.

“For instance, you might dream about retiring by the coast to somewhere like Brighton or Plymouth, but this could isolate you from family and friends. You also need to make sure the area you plan to live is affordable.

“Due to the cost of living crisis, there’s even more to think about – research from Unbiased found six in 10 people fear they will have to work for longer. To enable your retirement funds to stretch further, moving to an area where property prices are cheaper can help stretch your retirement funds further.”

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