Back to the Future: Doc Brown and Marty McFly ‘returning for new time travel adventures’ | Films | Entertainment

According to Giant Freakin Robot’s trusted and proven sources: “The time travel series is looking to move to the streaming service for a new continuation of the story, though it is unclear whether it will directly follow the original trilogy of movies or tell a new world set in that universe.”

Nevertheless, what is clear to the outlet is that this will be a new animated series of Back to the Future on Netflix.

CBS previously aired a 2D animated series from 1991-92 after the film trilogy was completed. Back to the Future: The Animated Series followed Doc Brown and his 1885 wife Clara and their sons Jules and Verne on time travelling adventures with Marty set after the events of Part III. And on their various trips, they’d encounter members of Biff Tannen’s family causing all sorts of trouble.

Although Marty McFly star Michael J Fox didn’t return, Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd appeared in live-action sequences. Additionally, Clara actress Mary Steenburgen and Biff actor Thomas F Wilson voiced their movie roles.

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